This website was designed based on a memory that I had as a child while growing up:

 As a young kid I had a very bad habit when I ate. I use to pile my plate with abounding amounts of food. I never finished eating half of it. I wanted to have food in my plate and make sure that before the food went to everyone else, I would have had enough. It was the fear that I would not get full and then go back again to serve myself and find that the food was gone. This seemed like a never ending bad habit that continued till the age of twelve. There were many occasions when my family and I went out to dinner. I always had a lot of food and was never able to finish it. My dad always realized this and never said anything. But one day, when we were all finishing, he saw that I was the only one with my plate half way full and he asked whether I would finish it and I said that I was full. My dad got angry with me and told me that it was unacceptable to eat the way I am eating- always getting too much food than what I could actually eat.

I told him that there was no need to react like that, that’s the reason why he was paying for it. Not only was this the first time that I ever spoke back to my father but it was the first time I saw my father sad. He told me that my actions were made out of selfishness. Then he told me that when he was a young boy, it was a struggle to find food every day. He and his brothers in Mexico barely had food. Their father died when they were young and my grandmother had to work every day to make sure that there was at least something on the table. But every day it was most likely to have tortillas with beans and water. They had meat once a month or less and had to share eggs when eating, they were a family of seven and had to share three eggs. Food was a struggle. They all had to work.

Hearing this was incredibly hard to believe. Food to me seemed like something that had to be given to all people. I never realized how much people had to suffer to just have a plate of food on their table. Then my father told me that his situation was the not the worst compared to other people around the world. He told me that having food and not worrying about whether I would have food again tomorrow is a blessing. Food cannot be thrown away because it is not something that cannot be bought back. He said that a lot of people throw food away because they never experienced hunger; the feeling to struggle to find food. Ever since then I stopped my bad habit. I realized that people in restaurants, supermarkets and other places throw food away when knowing that the church nearby could use that food to feed the homeless. So many throw food away when consciously they know that somewhere around the world there are children starving.

After this I decided to research FOOD WASTE and the research was not what I had expected. I had hoped to find information about companies trying to prevent food waste but instead I found out that supermarkets and other food industries dump tons of edible food to landfills.  

This website is meant to inform you about your daily actions and show you that dumping food is throwing money away. Preventing food waste can help a lot of people around the world starving.